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Post-holiday divorce: New Year, new start

For children in North Carolina, the holidays are a time of whimsy, excitement and magic. Unfortunately, for many adults and parents here, the holidays can mean stress. This stress often finds its genesis in financial pressures, familial strains and marital discord. It is not uncommon that a couple will try to stick it out through the holidays, and then decide that the marriage is no longer working.

Unfortunately for some, the holidays can often be a time in which infidelity is uncovered. Many family law attorneys report that because so many people are trying to contact each other to extend holiday wishes during this time of year, infidelity is often uncovered. An individual may see their spouses' cellphone with a suspicious text message, the email account may be left out or in some instances the other person will simply come out with the nature of the situation.

This can be emotionally devastating for many. It is never a pain free decision when a couple decides to divorce. However, retaining strong and sensitive legal counsel can make the divorce process, and all related decisions much smoother. Divorce can really kick emotions into high gear, so it is important to seek sound guidance.

The first step will be to file for a separation, because North Carolina divorce law requires a minimum of a year separation before a couple can file for divorce. During the separation period a couple can work through all aspects of the divorce, including an equitable division of assets and debts, establishing child custody and visitation, working out support payments and everything else.

While divorce is not fun, the recovery process can begin with sound and sensitive advice.

Source: First Coast News, "Disturbing trend: Cheating spouses outed on holidays," Kaitlyn Ross, Dec. 25, 2012

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