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North Carolina divorcee sues church for intrusion

Even as the modern reasons, styles, and timelines of marriage continue to become more diverse, many North Carolina couples continue to begin their marriages either in church or in the presence of an ordained minister. Religion can a very positive role in the beginning of a couple's life together, and the support and community of a congregation may serve as a marriage's steady foundation as the years go on.

For one local man, however, a church congregation seems to have been a substantial catalyst for his recent divorce from his wife. The Alamance county man has asserted that the Quaker church he and his attended directly interfered in his marriage, plotting against him and deliberately aiding his wife through the process of divorcing from him.

The man, who is suing the church for $180,000 in losses as well as $10 million in punitive damages, claims that the Quaker congregation and clergy even went as far as to help his ex-wife move out of the couple's home. According to the man, his wife had been responsible for 60 percent of the couple's household bills. Now, after their church-aided divorce, he has come to struggle financially.

Specifically, the Alamance man has alleged that the church had hoped to punish his reluctance to form a close relationship with the couple's pastor, and so went out of its way to facilitate his wife's leaving him. A hearing for the case is scheduled for the coming week.

A wide array of unexpected factors can come to bear on a divorce, carrying with them pronounced financial repercussions. By working closely with a family law attorney throughout the process, adversities such as outside interference in one's personal affairs can be not only minimized, but often held directly accountable.

Source: My Fox 8, "Man blames divorce on NC church, sues for $10 million," Lindsey Eaton, Jan. 30, 2013

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